Celebrate Reflexology week


Reflexology is an ancient alternative therapy practiced for thousands of years. Reflexology can be used to support healing of most health concerns. It will breathe life back into the body making you feel relaxed and balanced and full of energy.

By massaging different pressure points of the hands or feet, reflexology stimulates the body into healing itself, reducing stress, improving circulation, and restoring natural balance

Reflexology is very relaxing and feels like a deep massage on the feet. Your therapist will be able to tell you about imbalances they have found during your treatment.
Did you know? In Reflexology, evidence of shoulder and neck pain can be found just below the little toe and feel like salt crystals under the skin. Your therapist will work these out and in turn, help your body back to it’s natural balance.
The 18th of September is reflexology week, and to celebrate we are offing a holistic heaven package until the 31st of October.  Visit our offers page to view this offer