Wax on....wax off!

WAXING....it's a subject that can bring a tear to your eye; and if you are a fair weathered waxer, total beginner or hardcore fan our Waxing Queen Kristy is on hand to help you get Summer Holiday ready. From Brazilians to back wax's she is sure to leave no hair unturned.

For the best results for any wax treatment follow our Secret tips.

Let it grow.... hairs can be too short to wax if you have shaved recently. The hair ideally needs to be lying flat to the skin. So hide away the razor for at least 2 weeks before your appointment.

Scrub-a-Dub. Exfoliating the area that needs to be waxed will give you a smoother result. Exfoliate the day before you appointment and at least twice a week after to prevent ingrown hairs.

Be a skin smoothie. After exfoliating rehydrate the skin by moisturising daily. The will keep the hairs soft and the skin supple.  

After having any wax treatment avoid swimming, saunas, sun beds and excessive exercise for at least 24hours.

Kristy has specialised in waxing for the last 12 years and has recently added men's intimate waxing to the treatment menu. 

It's well known in the fitness world that removing excess hair or "Manscaping" helps with performance, but shaving does take time and you are more prone to ingrowing hairs. By waxing the hair away you will get a smoother result, that lasts longer, and the hairs will lessen with time. Some of our clients have said that it makes them feel cleaner and the smooth result lasts weeks longer than shaving.

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