New Mummy's

We have had two new arrivals at The Secret Spa and another new addition coming in June! With this baby boom we asked our new mummies what treatments and products have made their sleepless nights a little easier.

Becky and Baby Talia.

I didn't have the easiest of deliveries and recoveries with Talia, and as a result my skin really suffered. It became incredibly dry...something I've not suffered with ever with my skin. 
I started using a lot of the Carita products for their anti ageing qualities but I needed to up my game, so I started using the Carita Gold range (serum, moisturiser, mask and eye cream) along with the Decleor Double Radiance Scrub to make sure my products were working as deeply as possible

My skincare routine is as follows 
Cleanse with Carita Lagoon cleansing gel
Carita gold serum, moisturiser eye cream
Cleanse with Carita Lagoon cleansing gel
Carita gold serum, moisturiser eye cream
Twice a week I use the decleor scrub and sleep in my Gold mask.
I also started drinking Skinade again, this not only helped my skin out but also supported my immune system and helped my body heal.

I couldn't wait to get back to having facials, I have been having the Carita and our Signature facials to get my glow back....and have a sneaky snooze.... a quick spray tan makes me feel amazing!

Sarah and Baby Arthur.

One of my absolute favourite skincare products is the Decleor lavandula iris night balm, its a serum, mask and moisturiser all rolled into one. It drip feeds the skin over 8 hours and no joke it is what I put on my skin whilst trying to get out of the door during contractions knowing it would help with the artificial lighting and heating in the hospital. Always the Beauty Therapist haha.
One of the other Decleor products I just couldn't live without was the prolagene gel; not only has it improved old scars and stretch marks, it stopped me getting new ones in my pregnancy.
My skin has always been a little sensitive and with pregnancy hormones I started using the Carita cotton range. It's amazing and my skin feels much less sensitive, and I don’t even mind going without makeup it’s improved my skin that much. Masks are a brilliant time saver and an intense treatment for the skin…also you can usual slap one on one handed… a skill i’ve had to learn very quickly.
My favourite treatments to become "Mummy ready" are Yumi lashes HD Brows and reflexology. Looking wide awake when you feel dug up and feeling relaxed and balanced are a absolute must!

Gemma and Baby Bump.

Pregnancy hormones have made my skin very dry and a little sensitive. A the moment I use the Decleor Rose balm at night, this is truly magic in a jar; with two other little ones to get off to bed it’s usually the last thing I do before bed time. I also use the harmonie calm serum oil with moisturiser in the day to help with the sensitivity. To give myself an at home facial once a week I use the phytopeel and white petal mask and I cannot get enough of Decleor lip balm. The Delilah's aura pure light and bronzer to gives me that healthy glow when I’m running out on the school run!
My pregnancy must haves are the new gel bottle gel manicure and always feel better with lovely nails, and a spray tan is a must! 

Mummy to be package

Secret spa luxury manicure* 
Secret spa luxury pedicure *
Yumi lashes *
Secret spa signature facial
Back massage
Light lunch included

*upgrade to gel polish for £10
*patch test required


Professional Beauty, south west and wales regional boutique salon of the year!


Sunday the 21st of October we were announced Professional Beauty, south west and wales regional boutique salon of the year! The event was held in the beautiful Principal Hotel in Manchester; Professional Beauty sure know how to throw a party, but this year was exceptional!

Lots of hard work and dedication comes with entering these awards and just to be nominated is a massive achievement, let alone become finalist and then to win! We a so thrilled!! Our feedback from the judges was everything that Team SS strive to offer each day with every client.

“The winning salon was described to have a highly motivated team, that perform at a consistently high level of professionalism and expertise” Professional Beauty Judges 2018

This award is a true representation of the team spirit that is Team SS.

We are now entered into ‘ UK Boutique Salon of the year’ which will be in London in February….. we have everything crossed.

A massive thank you to Professional Beauty for offering these awards, the standard is improved on each and every year by all salons and spa’s that enter; and it’s such an honour to be showcased along side such amazing establishments.

Of course a massive thank you to our clients…. without your love for Team SS and your constant support we wouldn’t be ‘The Award Winning Secret Spa’ xxx

September Skin Bar

The 17th of September hosted our first skin bar event! We invited clients to come along and have a lesson in skincare. With all our girls newly trained in Decleor this was the perfect opportunity to transfer our long time fans of Darphin to the wonders of Decleor!!!

I think I speak on behalf of all the girls when I say that we lived and breathed Darphin for 18years collectively... and the thought of starting again with a new skin company was very daunting. We needn’t have worried.

Decleor blew us all away with its technology and ideas. They certainly are years ahead of any company we have worked with before. The training we received in the L’Oréal academy in Manchester was second to none, and even with 20 years experience under my belt I learnt so much about skincare and skin ageing that I and the girls just couldn’t wait to get back and transform our clients skin!!

The skin bar was a huge success, so much so we have planned another for the 19th of November. Appointments are limited so book ahead to avoid disappointment. A £20 deposit is needed which is redeemable against two or more products on the night, you also get a Decleor goody bag, and a full skin consultation with one of our girls! And of course a glass of bubbly or two.

Love Becky xxx

skin bar.jpeg

Bye Bye...

Today is a really sad day for the Secret Spa team; it's a day we have to say goodbye to one of our longest standing therapists. 

Everyone who comes through the door will know our beautiful Abby, her warm welcomes and contagious smile have been our norm for 13 years... she is "The Secret Spa" and we are going to miss her so much.

Abby is taking her career in a different direction and is setting up a new baby sensory group Laughter Tots, covering the Cheshire area. We know that after three children nobody is more qualified than Abby to support new mum's and create a warm, welcoming environment.

We wish you all the best with your new venture Abby and we want you to know that the spa will always be your home, and if its just a quick visit, the door will always be open, kettle always on, and a big warm hug will be here for you. 

Lots of Love Always, Team SS xx


New beginings

Just like in life, business has many things that are never for certain. Life changes and clients move away, therapists have families, change careers, life happens. In my 18 years you learn to roll with the punches and as one door closes nearly always another opens soon after, but sometimes, things that are seemly set in stone can crumble away and leaving you wondering which way is up.

And this is what happened to us a few months ago when our product house of 18 years Darphin wrote to us saying they were pulling out of all salon and spa's in the UK by July 2018. I must have read and reread the letter about 20times, "How can they do this? What on earth am I going to do?". I slept on it (Well barely) before me and the girls rallied around and came with the conclusion "This is totally out of our control. We still very much love Darphin and the science behind it... but what if this is a blessing in disguise, what if we found something that would take The Secret Spa to the next level!".

So we spent the next few days arranging meetings with product houses to see what they had to offer. Team SS are always known for their hard work and pulling together when we need it most, and I have to say that the girls made this transition really easy. Each an every one of them read manuals did their own research and came to me with their findings. It would have been so easy to just choose the next in line but my girls know that the products they use are their tools and you always need the best tools possible. I am totally grateful for all their help and that this was a team decision.

The brands were dwindled down and there were two brands that stood out to us and everyone agreed this was what we needed. The science and pro-aging qualities of Darphin but not losing the sensorial experience our clients know and love.  So it was agreed.......drum roll..... We The Secret Spa has chosen Carita and Decleor as our new product houses. We are so thrilled to be working with such dynamic products and cannot wait to show you all the new range.

Becky xxx

18th Birthday Party

The 11th of June was our 18th Birthday party!!! We hosted a party for all our lovely clients to thank them for their loyalty over the last 18 years.

We also launched our new makeup range Delilah which was a huge success; lots of the cosmetics sold out on the night. 

A massive thank you to all that came, sent cards or called to wish us well. We cant wait for our 21st!!

Team SS xx




Manscaping is a term being used alot recently....but what does it mean?!

Well Manscaping is a term to describe male grooming; removing unwanted hair via, waxing, shaving, plucking, threading...this list goes on, and with summer just about in sight, its time for you guys to start thinking about your hair removal.

Here at the Secret Spa we have a whole range of male grooming treatments carried out by our top waxpert Kristy. 

Eyebrow shaping. Lets tame those brows into a natural or defined shape

Nostril hair removal. Nobody likes nostril hair, our quick and slightly painless technique will have you breathing easy.

Foot and toe hair removal. All feet need to be beach ready. The perfect finish to your pedicure.

Leg waxing. 

Underarm waxing It's a know fact our underarm hair holds onto perspiring smells, remove this hair for a scent free underarm for up to four weeks.

Bro-zillian. Removing all hair from butt and groin area leaving a landing strip

The BBC. Butt, balls, and crotch as simple as that.

The Aussie Outback. Removing all hair downunder, leaving the crotch area

Kristy is also trained in graded trimming.

Combination treatment prices available on request. 

London Marathon

ali running.jpg

Congratulations Ali

This weekend was one of the biggest sporting events in the UK; The London marathon, and our Ali was there completing the race in an amazing time of 3hours 55mins 24seconds. Well done Ali we are so proud, Team SS xx

To ensure our marathon runner was race ready, she had a program of running, a special diet...and a very strict beauty routine to make sure she was ready for the cameras. Ali had the following treatments.



Yumi Lashes.

This treatment makes the most of your own lashes. By lifting the lashes from the root and fanning out towards the edges, and tinting them a dark black colour, Yumi lashes give the "false lash effect "... no need for mascara which is brilliant when you are running 26.2miles in the scorching heat. Lasting 6-8 weeks this treatment is brilliant for those of us who don't like lash extentions.


HD brows.

Everyone wants their brows on fleek especially when the cameras are on you. Defining and sculpting the perfect brow comes in a seven step procedure. Want to thicken your brows? no problem ask your HD stylist about a regrowth program. Want to get that sharp "I just woke up like this" look? No worries we have got that covered.


Jessica gel nails.

Ali when for our new spring colour POSH, which is a beautiful peach. Jessica gels last for 2 weeks and can be infilled or removed for a brand new look. 


Luxury Secret Spa Pedicure

Finishing a race in such a brilliant time is going to take its toll on your we made sure Ali was booked in for a lovely pedicure when she returns to work; a must for any marathon runners tootsies.