New Mummy's

We have had two new arrivals at The Secret Spa and another new addition coming in June! With this baby boom we asked our new mummies what treatments and products have made their sleepless nights a little easier.

Becky and Baby Talia.

I didn't have the easiest of deliveries and recoveries with Talia, and as a result my skin really suffered. It became incredibly dry...something I've not suffered with ever with my skin. 
I started using a lot of the Carita products for their anti ageing qualities but I needed to up my game, so I started using the Carita Gold range (serum, moisturiser, mask and eye cream) along with the Decleor Double Radiance Scrub to make sure my products were working as deeply as possible

My skincare routine is as follows 
Cleanse with Carita Lagoon cleansing gel
Carita gold serum, moisturiser eye cream
Cleanse with Carita Lagoon cleansing gel
Carita gold serum, moisturiser eye cream
Twice a week I use the decleor scrub and sleep in my Gold mask.
I also started drinking Skinade again, this not only helped my skin out but also supported my immune system and helped my body heal.

I couldn't wait to get back to having facials, I have been having the Carita and our Signature facials to get my glow back....and have a sneaky snooze.... a quick spray tan makes me feel amazing!

Sarah and Baby Arthur.

One of my absolute favourite skincare products is the Decleor lavandula iris night balm, its a serum, mask and moisturiser all rolled into one. It drip feeds the skin over 8 hours and no joke it is what I put on my skin whilst trying to get out of the door during contractions knowing it would help with the artificial lighting and heating in the hospital. Always the Beauty Therapist haha.
One of the other Decleor products I just couldn't live without was the prolagene gel; not only has it improved old scars and stretch marks, it stopped me getting new ones in my pregnancy.
My skin has always been a little sensitive and with pregnancy hormones I started using the Carita cotton range. It's amazing and my skin feels much less sensitive, and I don’t even mind going without makeup it’s improved my skin that much. Masks are a brilliant time saver and an intense treatment for the skin…also you can usual slap one on one handed… a skill i’ve had to learn very quickly.
My favourite treatments to become "Mummy ready" are Yumi lashes HD Brows and reflexology. Looking wide awake when you feel dug up and feeling relaxed and balanced are a absolute must!

Gemma and Baby Bump.

Pregnancy hormones have made my skin very dry and a little sensitive. A the moment I use the Decleor Rose balm at night, this is truly magic in a jar; with two other little ones to get off to bed it’s usually the last thing I do before bed time. I also use the harmonie calm serum oil with moisturiser in the day to help with the sensitivity. To give myself an at home facial once a week I use the phytopeel and white petal mask and I cannot get enough of Decleor lip balm. The Delilah's aura pure light and bronzer to gives me that healthy glow when I’m running out on the school run!
My pregnancy must haves are the new gel bottle gel manicure and always feel better with lovely nails, and a spray tan is a must! 

Mummy to be package

Secret spa luxury manicure* 
Secret spa luxury pedicure *
Yumi lashes *
Secret spa signature facial
Back massage
Light lunch included

*upgrade to gel polish for £10
*patch test required