Manscaping is a term being used alot recently....but what does it mean?!

Well Manscaping is a term to describe male grooming; removing unwanted hair via, waxing, shaving, plucking, threading...this list goes on, and with summer just about in sight, its time for you guys to start thinking about your hair removal.

Here at the Secret Spa we have a whole range of male grooming treatments carried out by our top waxpert Kristy. 

Eyebrow shaping. Lets tame those brows into a natural or defined shape

Nostril hair removal. Nobody likes nostril hair, our quick and slightly painless technique will have you breathing easy.

Foot and toe hair removal. All feet need to be beach ready. The perfect finish to your pedicure.

Leg waxing. 

Underarm waxing It's a know fact our underarm hair holds onto perspiring smells, remove this hair for a scent free underarm for up to four weeks.

Bro-zillian. Removing all hair from butt and groin area leaving a landing strip

The BBC. Butt, balls, and crotch as simple as that.

The Aussie Outback. Removing all hair downunder, leaving the crotch area

Kristy is also trained in graded trimming.

Combination treatment prices available on request.